A map of the Line

The Quarry Tramroad, otherwise known as Toby's Branch Line, is a branch line on the North Western Railway. It runs from Ffarquhar to the Anopha Quarry.



The tramroad climbs on a serpentine course of some 5 ½ miles with a ruling gradient of 1 in 60. Starting at Ffarquhar, the line through the stoneyard to which raw stone is brought to be cut and cured, the line then leaves by an ungated crossing over the Ulfstead Road, and into a lane. Heading eastward past the runaway siding, it climbs at 1 in 60, and swinging westward, levels off alongside the Arlesburgh road. Here, at the top of the steepest gradient is a "Stop Board". After another mile, the line crosses a shared rail/road bridge bridge over a stream. A crossroads comes next. The line them climbs again but on an easier gradient, once more changes direction, and reaches the Anopha Quarry from the west.

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