The Horrid Lorries
  • Registration Numbers: LOR 1, LOR 2 and LOR 3
  • Class: Foden OG lories
  • Builder: Foden Trucks
  • Built: 1956
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1956
  • Scrapped: 1957
  • Drivetrain: 4WD

The Horrid Lorries, individually referred to as Lorry 1, Lorry 2 and Lorry 3, were three small lorries who briefly worked on Sodor.



The Lorries were pompous, mean, and rude towards the engines. They believed that the railway was inferior to the roadways, and also enjoyed teasing the engines' for their appearances and stealing their jobs.


The Horrid Lorries were painted a brownish-red. They sometimes hadgrey tarpaulins over their beds.


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