The Sodor China Clay Company, founded in 1948, is a large company that owns the Clay Pits near Brendam, as well as Timothy, Bill and Ben. It has been a subsidiary of the North Western Railway since 1966.


In May 1948,

By the early 1960s, Sodor China Clay was at its peak, production was at an all time high, and the NWR decided to purchase a new diesel, named Derek, to help carry the heavy and important traffic, unfortunately problems resulted in Derek being sent away for repairs. The prosperity of the SCC was not to last long, however. In 1965, a sudden, large avalanche occurred, but due to the brave actions of the company's locomotives, they're was no fatalities and only a handful of light injuries. The company itself however, was not so fortunate. The avalanche wrecked the quarry, and destroyed much expensive equipment. With no revenue, the company soon folded and declared bankruptcy.

What was left of the company, was quickly bought up by the NWR, at the insistence of Sir Topham Hatt, both to save it's locomotives and remaining rolling stock, and to prevent a economic depression in the Brendam area, which had become vital to both the NWR, and the Sudrian economy as a whole. However, various complications ensured causing delays to the rebuilding of the Clay Pits. In the interim, it was decided to send Bill and Ben to the Anopha Quarry, the FQCs sole locomotive, Mavis, requiring assistance to handle recent large orders of stone.

In 1969, the Twins were recalled home to assist in the reconstruction of the Clay Pits, and were soon joined by Marion and Timothy, a steam shovel and oil burning shunter who had been aquired second hand from a clay pits in the Americas. The new team worked hard, and by 1974 the Clay Pits were long reopened and had reched peak production once more. By this, Derek had also been repaired and was sent back to work.




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