"I love a good surprise!"
— Sir Robert Norramby
Sir Robert Norramby, Earl of Sodor
  • Born: 1914
  • Died: 2014
  • Inherited Earldom: 1943

Sir Robert Charles Norramby is the former Earl of Sodor. He owned Millie, Stephen, Glynn, Ulfstead Castle and the surrounding estate. He was a good friend of Sir Charles Topham Hatt.


Sir Robert was born in 1914 to Lord Charles Henry Norramby, the then Earl of Sodor. His father was a Colonel (later General) in the Royal Sodor Regiment and Sir Robert later followed his father into a military career. By 1939 he'd reached the rank of Captain. The same year his father left Sodor to fight in the Second World War with the Regiment while Captain Robert was placed in charge of Sodor's defence. His father was killed in action in 1943 during the North Africa campaign and Robert inherited the Earldom. He then made the decision to take his father's place as the Regiment's commander and went to fight in Europe. By the end of the war in August 1945 he had reached the rank of Colonel. Late the next year he retired his commission in the Army, and soon afterwards he began travelling the world.

Not long after he began travelling, the Mid-Sodor Railway declared bankruptcy, and it's engines, except Duke, were sold. Unknown to the young Earl, he was Duke's grace and had the right to claim the engine, but to due to being unaware of his claim, Duke was left abandoned in his Shed for years. During his travels around the world he gathered a considerable collection of historical artefacts.

In 1973 he at long last returned home, bringing with him his collection and Stephen, one of the first engines ever built. As soon as he returned he began restoring Ulfstead Castle, his ancestral home and the former fortress of the Knigs of Sodor. He planned on displaying his artefacts in the Castle while Stephen and his other engine Millie gave tours around his estate. He was missing one thing to complete his grand plan however, King Godred's Golden Crown, the most important of the Crown Jewels of Sodor, most of which he had in his possession, which had been stolen centuries ago. Thankfully, Stephen managed to find the Crown in an abandoned mine under the Castle. The Castle was completed on time and it quickly became one of Sodor's top tourist attractions. A year later, inspired by the discovery of a skeleton at the Sodor China Clay Pits, he had a Dinosaur Park built on the estate. He commonly held events related to holidays such as Christmas at his estate.


Sir Robert Norramby was a railway buff and a gentleman explorer, who owned an estate on the Island of Sodor. With his white beard and longish hair he may have seemed a little eccentric, but he was an old friend of Sir Topham Hatt who had come home to the island after many years travelling the world. Sir Robert was a kind and caring man, but he could be stern to his engines if they misbehave.



Sir Robert wore a dark grey dress jacket over a red patterned waistcoat, a white shirt and a blue ascot, with grey trousers and black boots.


  • His full title was The Right Honourable Lord Robert Charles Norramby, Earl of Sodor.
  • He had the subsidiary titles of Viscount of Ulfstead and Baron Norramby
  • He was sometimes incorrectly called the Duke of Sodor, due to his involvement in the Ducy of Lancaster, which lacks a Duke. 

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