"G'day, Scotty! Welcome to Australia!"
— Shane
Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey
  • Number: 520
  • Class: SAR 520
  • Designer: Frank Hugh Harrison
  • Builder: Islington Railway Workshops
  • Built: 1943
  • Retired: 1969
  • Restored: 1972
  • Configuration: 4-8-4
  • Top Speed: 78 mph

Sir Malcolm Barclay-Harvey, nicknamed "Shane", is an Australian tender engine who participated in the Great Railway Show. He competed in the strength competition.



Shane is a big, strong engine who works tirelessly to ensure he's always in the best shape. Known as the "Whispering Giant", Shane's carefree ways make him many friends.


Shane is painted teal green with yellow lining. The number "520" is painted in white above his face and on the sides of his cab in yellow. The initials "S.A.R" are painted on the sides of his tender in yellow. Since 1972, he has had the words "SteamRanger" painted on his sides in yellow.


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