"My name is Ryan. And I'll be your engine today. Ready?"
— Ryan
  • Number: 1614, formerly 4614, 69498
  • Class: GNR N2
  • Designer: Sir Nigel Gresley
  • Builder: GNR Doncaster Works
  • Built: August 1921
  • Configuration: 0-6-2T
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1975

Ryan is a purple tank engine who works, with Daisy, on the Harwick Branch Line as the main goods engine.


Ryan was built at Doncaster in 1921 to operate London suburban services, but by 1923 he had been assigned as a shunter at King's Cross. While working there he met many famous engines, such as the Flying Scotsman and Mallard.


Ryan is a friendly and good-natured engine, who goes out of his way to be kind, and is concerned when he sees others in trouble. Ryan would like to be a hero, but he is not actually as brave as he wishes he was, and has a tendency to panic a little in the face of danger. It does not put him off trying, though. Ryan is direct and sincere, but he has a good sense of humour too, and is not above making a joke at his own expense. Due to his good nature some engines, like Daisy, can manipulate and take advantage of him.


Ryan is painted purple with white and gold lining. He has the letters "GNR" painted on his tanks and the number "1614" is painted on his bunker, both in gold. He has brass nameplates on the sides of his smokebox.

He was formerly painted GNR Apple Green with black lining and yellow lettering, LNER black with red lining and yellow lettering and BR unlined black with yellow lettering.


  • He is a distant cousin of Gordon, Spencer and several other engines.
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