Patrick (The Pack)
  • Number: 23
  • Registration Number: PT23 CMT
  • Class: Mack NM3
  • Builder: Mack Trucks, Inc
  • Built: 1943
  • Drivetrain: 6x6
  • Top Speed: 34 mph

Patrick is a cement mixer, who is a member of The Pack.



Patrick is quite a boastful soul and thinks that cement makes him very important, though he is always put in his place, commonly in incidents involving his own cement. He knows all there is to know about cement and thinks it is one of the essential means of keeping the building site running.

As part of the construction team, Patrick takes pride in his work and makes sure that each job is done correctly. He has been on lots of job sites and knows many different ways to accomplish a task. Patrick will gladly explain how things are done and how they could be done better.


Patrick is painted maroon on the top half of his front, and on the front and rear sections of his cement mixer. He is painted cream on the lower half of his front and on the middle section of his mixer. The number "23" is painted in maroon on his doors.


The Pack

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