• Number: 17, formerly
  • Class: GER D56/LNER D15
  • Designers: James Holden and Frederick V. Russell
  • Builder: GER Stratford Works
  • Built: 1911, rebuilt 1933
  • Configuration: 4-4-0
  • Top Speed: 90 mph
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1967

Molly is a powerful, but shy, yellow tender engine that works on the North Western Railway pulling "empties".



Molly is proud of her strength and is happy to put it to use as one of Sodor's bigger engines. Because she is a sensitive engine, she often worries about fading into the background. Sometimes taking "empties" makes her feel less important and sad, but in the end, she will usually see that taking "empties" is a vital part of operations and an important task after all. Molly has a peacekeeper attitude, tends to be rather sensible, mature, and is looked upon as a "big sister" by some of the other engines. However, she is a sensitive soul, who can be easily embarrassed and can get upset by conflict, and will steam away to avoid it, but will usually have the courage to do what she thinks is right. Molly likes to be as good as everyone else and wants the other engines to think the best of her.


Molly is painted yellow with red and grey lining, and with red boiler bands. The number "17" is painted on the sides of her tender in gold. She was formerly painted in GER Royal Blue with scarlet lining and LNER Apple Green with black and white lining.


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