"I only look like a diesel, Gordon. I'm a steam engine, a shunter..."
— Logan
  • Number: 7190, formerly 101 and 47190
  • Class: S&DJR Sentinel
  • Designer: Sentinel Waggon Works Ltd.
  • Builder: Sentinel Waggon Works
  • Built: 1929
  • Configuration: 0-4-0VBT
  • Top Speed: 20 mph
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1963

Logan is a Sentinel steam shunter who looks like a diesel. He works for the Crosby Coal Company at the Coaling Plant.


Logan, along with his brother, 101, were built in 1929 for the Somerset & Dorset Joint Railway and was used to shunt coal wagons on the colliery branchlines around Radstock. A year later, he and his brother were taken into LMS stock.

They continued in their job past nationalisation in 1948, when they became BR stock, until 1959 when 101, now numbered 47191, was withdrawn and scrapped shortly thereafter. Logan followed two years later, in 1961. Luckily, however, Logan was saved from scrap by being purchased by the Crosby Coal Company.


Logan is a rough and tumble, strong little shunter and is very friendly and hardworking. He can be somewhat impatient and can easily make mistakes, but he always does his best to correct them.


Logan is painted navy blue and yellow with black hazard stripes on his bufferbeam. His name is painted on the sides of his boiler in blue and the number "7190" is painted on the sides of his cab in yellow.

Before being purchased by the Crosby Coal Company, he was painted unlined black with his number and the logo of his owner painted on the sides of his cab.


  • He is a cousin of Scruff, Gator, Raul and Den.
  • He also has a cousin named Joyce, who formerly worked at the Croydon Gasworks.

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