• Class: Ransomes & Rapier 6 ton crane
  • Builder: Ransomes & Rapier
  • Built: 1960
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1965

Kevin is a well-meaning, but clumsy four-wheeled crane who works at the Crovan's Gate Steamworks with Victor.




Kevin is a bubbly and enthusiastic crane who works at the Crovan's Gate Steamworks, where he assists Victor in repairing engines. He is innocent, well-meaning, bursting to help and say hello, and always eager and ready to lend a helping hook. Kevin is often seen dashing about and tends to be quite clumsy, having a habit of frequently dropping things from his hook and pranging objects as he buzzes about. He often exclaims that it was "a slip of the hook". Something that he says often enough for Victor, who he refers to as "boss", to be able to commonly finish the sentence for him. But Kevin is loveable, kind-hearted, and funny, if rather naive, and always tries his best, regardless of his inexperience.


Kevin is painted in a yellow livery with black and light yellow warning stripes. His hook and brake are red. He has the Crovan's Gate Steamworks logo painted on his cab door.


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