The Island of Sodor (Sudric: Sudrey) is a county and the largest island of England. It is located in the Irish Sea, between the Isle of Man and the Furness Peninsula, separated from the former by Farkey-y-Sudragh and the latter by the Walney Channel, which is spanned by the Vicarstown Rolling Bridge and Jubilee Road Bridge.

The Island has been part of England since 1405, historically being part of Cumberland and attached to the Duchy of Lancaster. Since local government reforms in 1974, it has been recognised as a County in its own right. The Monarch is represented by the Governor, while the Island Council, led by the Mayor of Sodor, administers the Island. Since the introduction of railways in the mid-18th century, the Island has developed considerably, both as a industrial centre and tourist destination. Per the 2011 Census, the population currently stands at 251,678.