"Look after the branch line, Thomas. And wear that number with pride!"
— Glynn
  • Number: 1
  • Designer: Sir Topham Hatt I
  • Builder: Tidmouth Works
  • Built: 1905
  • Configuration: 0-4-0VBGT
  • Top Speed: 30 mph

Glynn is the former No. 1 engine of the North Western Railway. He was later restored by the Ulfstead Estate Railway, where he now works.


Built in 1905 for the Tidmouth, Knapford & Elsbridge Railway by the future Fat Controller, Mr. Topham Hatt, Glynn was the first of four "Coffee Pots". When the Railway became part of the North Western Railway, Glynn was granted the honour of being it's No. 1 engine. He, along with the other Coffee Pots, run what became the Ffarqhuar Branch Line. In the early 1920's his brothers were withdrawn one by one until he was the only one left. In late 1923 Glynn failed and was put out of service. He was placed in Ffarquhar, the Branch Lines new terminus where he eventually met Thomas. He gave the young tank engine advice on how to run the Branch Line for several months before disappearing from Ffarqhar. He was believed to have been scrapped like his brothers.

He had not been scrapped, but instead had been hidden away in an old siding by the first Fat Controller until he was eventually found by Marion around 50 years later. Due to the North Western Railway having no need for him, upon restoration he was donated to the Earl's Estate Railway at Ulfstead Castle, where he now works with Stephen, Millie and, later, Neil.



Glynn is painted in the TK&ER red livery. He has a grey steam cap and funnel with a brass funnel top. He has brass control caps, boiler bands and nameplates. The number "1" is painted in yellow under his nameplates.


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