"Railways are no good, turn 'em into roads! Pull 'em up, turn 'em into roads!"
— George
  • Builder: Aveling & Porter
  • Built: 1920
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1956

George is a grumpy steamroller who despises railways. He was formerly owned by the Sodor Island Council, but is now owned by the Vicar of Wellsworth. He lives at the Vicarage Orchard with Trevor.


George was built in 1920. His first job was to assist in the destruction of a old branch, a job he very much enjoyed. Many of the other steam rollers he worked with were older ones, whose prejudices against railways greatly influenced his own. Whenever a job to demolish old lines came up, George was always the first to volunteer. On one of these jobs, he and a steam engine got into a collision. He viewed this as a diliberate attempt of revenge, even though it was, in fact, his fault, and this incident firmly established his hatred of railways. In 1956, George was sold to the Sodor Island Council to assist in improvements to the notoriously terrible Sudrian roads. Much to his diasapointment, he was not allowed to pave over the numerous railway lines that dotted the island. Despite this, he did his best to get on the nerves of the engines, and even disrupt their work if possible. These incidents lead to several times where he was used to power a saw at the Lumber Yards as punishment. After a particularly bad incident, he was permanently retired, but was preserved by the Vicar of Wellsworth, shockingly at the recommendation of the very engines he caused much trouble for. He know attends fintage steam fairs, occasionally paves the roads around Wellsworth, and lives in very reluctant acceptance of the thing he despises the most.


George is a grumpy, rude steamroller. He is no friend of the railway, often heard rebelling that "railways are no good", and that they should be ripped up and turned into roads. George is happiest when he is rolling, but enjoys causing bother for the engines across the island too. He is grouchy and disagreeable and his unpleasant attitude and stubborn nature is often the cause of chaos and disruption, an example being when he crashed into Sir Handel's train for calling him a clumsy road hog. He can occasionally show his use if there is tarmac to be flattened and was very important in helping the steam engines and Diesel engines in repairing the runway at the Sodor Airport, so that the first aeroplane could land. Since his preservation he has, begrudgingly, softened his views on railways.


George is painted green with red lining, gold boiler bands and a black smokebox and funnel, with a brass top. His front-forks are painted bright red and his name is painted on the sides of his boiler in white.


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