The Brendam Branch Line, commonly referred to as Edward's Branch Line, is a North Western Railway branch line run by, and named after, Edward. It runs from Wellsworth to Brendam Docks. At Brendam a private line leads to the China Clay Pits.

History and Operations

The branch line was originally built between 1869-70 as the Wellsworth & Suddery Railway. It was run by 4 0-6-0 tank engines. The line became a branch line upon the founding of North Western Railway in 1914. The tank engines continued running the line for several years, but had been withdrawn and, except one, scrapped by Thomas' arrival on Sodor in 1924.

It was officially made Edward's Branch Line in 1947 after years of Edward being the primary engine on the line. The Sodor China Clay Pits were discovered in 1948. The large amount of traffic from the Pits, and investment in Brendam Docks, greatly increased the branch lines importance. Due to Brendam Docks emergence as Sodor's main port, in the early 60's the branch was relaid with stronger tracks so larger engines like Henry and Gordon could travel along. 

Victor ran the line with Edward from late 1923 to 1958.

Crock's Scrap yard is also located on the branch line. Reg works here. Edward consistently brings scrap metal to and from the yard. Scruff also brings in waste metal waste from Whiff's Waste Dump to Crock's Scrapyard.

Passenger trains run from Wellsworth to Suddery, Lower Suddery, the Sodor Animal Park, Upper Brendam before terminating at Brendam Docks.

The Engines

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