Donald and Douglas
  • Numbers: 9 and 10, formerly 57646 and 57647, 17646 and 17647, 662 and 663
  • Class: CR 812
  • Designer: John F. McIntosh
  • Builder: CR St. Rollox Works
  • Built: 1910
  • Configuration: 0-6-0
  • Top Speed: 55 mph
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1956

Donald and Douglas (originally known by their numbers, 57646 and 57647, respectively) are twin Scottish mixed-traffic engines on the North Western Railway. They usually work on the the Little Western, but also work on Edward's Branch Line and the Main Line.



Donald and Douglas are twin Scottish engines. They are practical, peppery and proud, but, despite their maturity, they enjoy playing practical jokes and have been known to impersonate one another in the past. When they arrived on Sodor, they caused the Fat Controller confusion, as only one engine had been expected. The twins' numbers allegedly slipped off on the way and neither could recall them; a ploy to prevent Douglas from being scrapped. His salvation from the scrap-heap contributed towards his decision to later aid Oliver in his own daring escape from scrap.

Donald and Douglas are very able workers, strong performers, and handle any task well. They are fully capable of being firm with the other big engines, such as Gordon and James, and even the troublesome trucks know better than to try their tricks on them. They are both used to harsh winter conditions too. Coupled back to back, with a coach between their tenders, they are very capable of patrolling the lines, clearing them of the snow. The twins both pull their weight on the Main Line and both Duck and Edward's branch lines and are happy to act as the brawn of the Fat Controller's steam-driven goods haulers. Between the two, Donald tends to be the charming, witty joker whereas Douglas is the smart, quick-thinker, calmer-natured one of the pair. Both display a keen sense of wit and the pair usually get to have the last laugh, more often taking the moral high ground. But that does not mean they will not be just a little bit smug about it when a deserving engine meets their comeuppance.

Donald and Douglas hate to be parted from each other, but, like most twins, they often have their arguments among themselves and can squabble with one another. They do, however, love playing practical jokes on the other engines, and they use to impersonate one another. They were fitted with nameplates to specifically end this element of their humour. Donald and Douglas used to also have a strong dislike of diesels. But over time their dislike for diesels has softened and they have grown accustomed to their diesel companions.


Donald and Douglas are painted in the BR black livery with red and white lining. The numbers "9" (Donald) and "10" (Douglas) are painted on the sides of their tenders in yellow. They have red nameplates with their names in gold on the sides of their smokeboxes.

They were originally painted in the Caledonian Railway's black freight livery. They were repainted into the LMS black freight livery in 1924.


  • They are nicknamed "The Scottish Twins"
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