• Number: 20
  • Class: R10
  • Builder: Aveling & Porter
  • Built: 1929

Buster is a simple minded steamroller who goes about his job with pride and content. He is part of The Pack



Buster is a hard worker with heart and commitment in what he does and he is a good dreamer. He goes about his job with glee and pride knowing all is right with the world. He is liked by all the machines for his wonderful enthusiasm and kindness to help with everything. One of dreams is to be "the fastest steamroller in the world" and while some, such as Max and Monty mock his speed, he doesn't let it deter him and Buster commonly proves that slow and steady does indeed win the race.


Buster is painted brownish-red with yellow and dark orange lining. The words "PACKARD & Co." are painted on the sides of his veranda in yellow.


The Pack

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