"It's nicer than just a number. Having a name means that you really belong."
— Bear
  • Number: D3, formerly D7101
  • Class: BR Class 35 "Hymek"
  • Designer: Beyer Peacock Ltd.
  • Builder: Beyer Peacock Ltd.
  • Built: February 1964
  • Configuration: Bo-Bo
  • Top Speed: 90 mph
  • Arrived on Sodor: 1967

Bear (formerly known by his number, D7101) is a diesel engine on the North Western Railway who works on the Main Line.



Bear is one of the more useful and nicer diesels. He is a loyal and friendly sort, but often makes unusual growling noises much to the disturbance of the other engines; thus earning the name "Bear." Sir Charles Topham Hatt was impressed with BoCo and Bear; he called them "versatile" because they could pull both coaches and trucks. BoCo and Bear usually defend the steam engines when a visiting diesel boasts about how superior they are.


Bear is painted in the BR Brunswick green livery with a narrow band of lime along the bottom of his sides, cream window surrounds and yellow warning panels. The number "D3" is painted on his cab sides in white. When he first arrived on Sodor, he wore the BR "Rail Blue" livery with yellow warning panels.


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