"We bring all the ballast to put under your track!"
"And wool for making clothes."
"And passengers too!
— Mike, Bert and Rex

A map of the railway

The Arlesdale Railway (AR), nicknamed "The Small Railway", is a miniature gauge (15 inch) railway, running for 10 miles from Arlesburgh, through the Arle Valley, to Kirkleas. The railway was opened in 1967 on the former trackbed of the Mid Sodor Railway.

The railway is owned by a consortium composed of the North Western, Skarloey and Culdee Fell railways, who constructed the railway to transport the spoils from the former MSR lead mines for use as ballast. The railway was also constructed with tourism in mind, which has since become the line's main traffic, supplemented by traffic from the local farms, mills and cottage industries. While the railway is owned by the three larger ones (each owning a third share of the Railway Company), it is independently operated.


Operations and Stations



  • The Ravenglass and Eskdale Railway in Cumbria is its twin railway.
Arlesdale Railway
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